Cobaltcafe’s 2014 Resolutions

Happy belated new year all! In the spirit of newness, I thought I’d illustrate my resolutions for the year ahead. I know, I know, it’s really unrealistic to write a random list knowing that it’s impossible to stick to it, or assume that life is a list of tasks that you simply tick off and achievement is magically met. Just looking at my resolution comics for 2012 and 2013 I can see that there are things I’ve never managed to do (!), however, I think it’s important to have some kind of life goal for the year ahead. If I want some direction and development, I guess this is my way of approaching “resolutions”.


Near the end of last year I was promoted in my “part-time job @ the fashion office”, it was a really big deal for me (and still is) and because of this I’ve been juggling my self-publishing and freelance work. Some projects have been put on hold as a result of this (unfortunately my food blog, The Higgs, sob!) but some will continue – Le Mime being one of them of course :)

I won’t be attending any Expo/Con events until the latter half of this year as I will be working on some major retail commissions (exciting! and all will be revealed soon!) but at the same time, I’ll be looking to self publish more comics for the cons that I do attend. Except a full face lift for my website too, and an online shop!

So, a little life change in my work balance for this year, but still exciting things to come, and the same hopes and dreams.



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Live Drawing for Jacques Vert @Debenhams Fabulous Fortnight!

I’m excited to announce that I will be offering live fashion sketches with Jacques Vert in the new Oxford Street Debenhams store (London) this Monday 2nd Dec, for the Fabulous Fortnight opening!

If you’re wondering what this is all about, Debenhams have been refurbishing their flagship store and just in time for the christmas celebrations, they are hosting fabulous events for the next two weeks to kick off their new look with a bang! :)

The opening night is Mon 2nd Dec and I will be with the Jacques Vert retail store inside, from 7-9pm, offering free fashion sketches! So come down and enjoy a lovely evening of pampering, exploring the new look Debenhams and getting a personalised sketch from yours truly.

For more information about Debenhams Fabulous Fortnight visit their store information here.

Alternatively visit Jacques Vert’s site here.

Hope to see you Monday evening in the new look Debenhams on Oxford Street! >_<“


^^A concept sketch for a Vogue pitch I found from two years ago, funny what you dig up from your creative past! :)

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Thought Bubble Festival this weekend! +PayPal Here

Just a quick heads up to let you know that I will be selling my self-publish comic wares and art prints at the Thought Bubble Festival this weekend in Leeds! Oh yes, I’ma’travelling ‘up’north! >_<“

I’ll be in New Dock Hall, Rinse, Repeat, New Dock Hall, on the far left when you walk in, at the end of the hall, on table 134/135. I’ll be sharing a table with the lovely Van Nim and Sally-Jane Thompson. Whoop! Also a few tables down from us, at the end of the row will be Richy K Chandler. Take that, comic party! Some action from the south! >_<“

Map for my exact location, and friends, below. Thanks Richy for letting me “tweak” your original location map (!):


Just as an extra visual snack, here’s a snippet of a children’s book illustration that I recently finished. It’s a party scene, much like how Thought Bubble will be I hope :)


And if that isn’t enough, I’m super pleased to announce that I have been selected to trial the PayPal Here app to sell my wares at Thought Bubble! This is a fantastic chip and pin card reader that will officially allow me to except card payment via chip and pin! More details can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing you in Leeds this weekend,


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London MCM Expo Weekend! (it’s here!)

The comic moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! Well, this weekend at least – the London MCM Expo! I will be selling all my small-press snacks and art prints in Comic Village, at stand CD9, next to Van Nim and two tables away from manga artists Chie and Inko, some more of my comic cohorts >_<“

As I will be at another event all day Saturday (Coatwalk, details here), my sister Ness has kindly agreed to look after my table, so if you see her, say hello and don’t be shy! :p

I will be attending all day Friday and Sunday, so do drop by and say hello too! 😀

For more information, visit the London MCM Expo site here. Otherwise, I leave you with a recent drawing I created, which will be a new postcard to add to my collection – this one’s called “Back to Grace”. Enjoy! x


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Live drawing – Coatwalk 2013

I’m excited to announce that I will be live drawing during the THE MUM & ME COATWALK event at London’s Southbank this Saturday 26th October.


“THE MUM & ME COATWALK catwalk fashion show is in association with YOU magazine and is taking place on Saturday 26th October on London’s Southbank and you can be part of the unique runway experience by modelling a new-season Mum & Me Coatwalk collection coat. The catwalk show will be hosted by TV presenter, Kate Garraway and will support breast cancer charity initiative Think Pink.”

I will be on hand to do quick fashion sketches of anyone attending and these will be part of the event’s personalised souvenirs!

It’s going to be a lovely day, full of champagne, pampering, manicures, styling and trying on new season coats from great high street retailers. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be drawn by me! >_<“

For more information visit the THE MUM & ME COATWALK site here for tickets and day info.

Hope to see you there! I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of my seasonal illustration for this year, “Rodarte’s Rose”. Enjoy! x


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Recent feedback + an ode to women, drawn.


 Last week I received the loveliest message on my Facebook Fan page:

“Your art is full of femininity, and I admire that, because it isn’t that common.  We regularly see <comics/illustrations of> girls, teenagers, but devoid of that femininity that makes women so outstanding.

For me, your art is an ode to women, and their beauty.”

I was really touched by this comment, because, I am aware of the way women are portrayed in mainstream illustration and comics and I’m disappointed in the “cute-girl” or “OTT busty” stereotypes that exist. Stereotyping to me equals lazy/poor writing/drawing and I work to get away from that with my own original characters and fashion illustrations.

I don’t want to have a character that is cute because she looks cute/under age or is sexy because she has all the right curves, I want my character’s personalities to be cute, sexy, strong and three dimensional. Fashion illustration and the fashion industry doesn’t have to be intimidating or size-ist. Fashion should be celebrated by all body shapes and sizes. Artists should be drawing real women with real personalities.

Anyway, that’s how I feel. And I recognise that although a lot of mainstream comics show women in this light – there are a growing number of artists who are fighting against this, which is amazing.

Thank you Maryne De Pohain Zérau for your comment – it really put a smile on my face! You can catch Maryne on Twitter here!


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WU-WEI Launch at Gosh! Comics – Photos & my Illustration

Thanks to everyone who came to the WU-WEI Launch party last week at Gosh! Comics. It was such a success, so many people to say hi to, the crazy signature race and champagne and cake!

If you were wondering what my contribution was to the spiritual anthology, here is is:


And here are some lovely photos of the launch night by photographer Mauricio Molizane de Souza. You can see more of his work at his website here.

wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#1 wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#4 wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#5 wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#7 wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#6 wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#3 wuweilaunch_MauricioMolizaneDeSouza_#2

Can you spot illustrators/comic artists: Richy K Chandler, Lizz Lunney, Kripa Joshi, Elliot Baggott, Kimika Sweeney in these pics? >_<”

For something a little different, here’s the WU-WEI video featuring yours truly umming and erring! >_<”

To buy a copy of WU-WEI (£6) visit Mike Medaglia’s site here or visit Gosh! Comics in London.

Thank you so much Mike for inviting me to take part in this wonderful book!


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WU-WEI Launch Party – 2nd August at Gosh! Comics

A few months ago I was invited to illustrate the back cover of Mike Medaglia’s spiritual comics anthology WU-WEI #2. It was an absolute pleasure to be asked, and to illustrate something in the spirit of meditation and reflection.

Here’s a little sneak peek of my little piece:


There are so many amazing small-press artists involved in this project including Gil Ichiyama (cover artist), Lizz LunneyRichy K. ChandlerHoward HardimanFrancesca DareA. J. Poyiadgi and more! So many to mention but you can see the whole line up here.

As WU-WEI #2 comes to press I’m really excited to announce that there will be a launch party to celebrate it’s arrival at Gosh! Comics (central London) Friday, August 2nd.

This launch party is open to all so please do come and say hello, meet the contributors and learn about the project. The first 100 copies sold come with an original bookplate by each contributing artist. See my bookplates below. In honour of the lotus flower!


For more information about WU-WEI and the launch party visit Mike Medaglia’s site here.

Visit the launch party event invite on Facebook here.

Hope to see you there! Email me if you have any questions.

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London MCM Expo this weekend and a new comic book!

Just a super quick one to say that I will be at the MCM London Expo this weekend selling my small press snacks and art prints. If you’re visiting the Expo I’ll be based in Comic Village on stand D3 – which, at the moment, I think is correct in the highlighted map below! I’m not too sure where that is in terms of the overall Expo hall, but you will be able to find me once you’re in Comic Village I’m sure! I will be next to the talented and wonderful Richy K Chandler of Tempo Lush and Van Nim!


As well as selling new art prints and smaller A5 ones from my Ctrl Z series (a new range of digital fashion illustrations!) I will be selling my new comic book “Four-point Lily/ Gentle Breeze” (£4):


For more information about the London MCM Expo visit there site here: I recommend buying tickets in advance because the queue to buy on the day can be long, and a few hours!

If you’re not visiting but would like to buy any of my work, just drop me an email. I am in the middle of setting up an online shop, so details will be revealed soon!

Hope to see you there if you’re going! And don’t forget – if you have a smart phone and 3G connection you can now buy my small-press work via card instead of cash!

Over and out x

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Comica Comiket at Central St Martins – This Saturday!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be selling my small-press books and art prints at the Comica Comiket this Saturday! The Comiket fair will be held at Central St Martins – in the Platform Theatre by Kings Cross. Entry is free and the fair will run from 11am – 6.30pm. There will be plenty of independent publishers, small-press artists like myself selling their wares – definitely worth coming to see what’s out there, or to shop >_<“


If you attended last year’s Comica you might remember that I took part in the Drawing Parade – this is happening again this year and the line is up amazing! There will be a rotation of different artists showcasing their skills every 30mins on stage, it’s wonderful to watch and great to see how everyone’s art is created.

PLUS – for the first time, I will be offering original A4 watercolour fashion sketches. These will be £10 and in full colour washes. Here’s an example of one I did at a beauty event at the end of last year – what’s not to love?


I will post the details of my location in the theatre as soon as this is released, for not, why not memorize the map to get there around Kings Cross, and hope to see you there!


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